Commercial Dromes Coin

Drone Blockchain Innovation

Commercial Dromes Coin

Drone Blockchain Innovation


The rapid rise of the Drone Market

Drones are rapidly emerging as the next generation of mobility.

To preoccupy the global drone market, which is expected to grow to 90 trillion won in 2026, the government is implementing an active drone industry nurturing policy and is tightening the reins in building future-oriented urban air mobility (UAM).

Although Korea is a latecomer compared to the global market, domestic drone companies that have made their names known around the world are also appearing one after another. Small businesses are at the heart of it.

Small and medium-sized Korean businesses, ventures, and startups that can flexibly respond to market changes are attracting attention by introducing drones that can be used in various fields based on their excellent technology.

It is strong in the commercial drone market used in agriculture, forestry, delivery, and military fields. This is why some advice that supports, and investment should be expanded so that small and medium-sized businesses, ventures, and startups can adapt well to the new market trend of the drone industry.

Low competitiveness in the global market

The size of South Korea's drone market is very small compared to the global market.

Developed countries such as the United States and China are investing a lot of manpower and investment in the development of related technologies and services for the drone market, but they have not been able to create innovation opportunities due to regulations.

For Korean companies to secure global competitiveness in the future drone market, the government’s strategic support policy is also needed. In addition, private-led strategic fostering is essential, and I believe that it is very important for the government and industry, large and small and medium-sized businesses, manufacturing companies and service companies to gather their capabilities toward a common goal.

Understanding Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: UAV

The concept of drones

The drone, nicknamed the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), began to be used in the United Kingdom and the United States in 1930 with the development of the military unmanned aerial vehicle, the Target Drone The main parts include flight fuselage, flight control software, take-off, and landing equipment such as propellers and motors, communication equipment such as communications and modems, GPS antennas, and navigation devices such as sensors.


Types of drones and applications

Drone types are generally divided into military and commercial drones.
For military use, drones for tactical training, reconnaissance, communication, and actual combat are representative.
Until the early 2000s, most drones were focused on military use.
However, as the demand for convergence technology increases due to the rise of the 4th industrial revolution technology and advances into various fields are made, commercial drones have emerged. Commercial drones are further divided into industrial drones and general consumer drones.


About Commercial Drones Coin

The role of CMDS

CMDS's drones provide convenience to users, from product delivery to emergency transportation, medicine, and transplant organ transportation.

The method of cryptocurrency mining is to start cryptocurrency mining when a GPU is installed inside a drone and is being transported (operated).

The product order method, like other companies, uses CMDS coins on the platform to order from the seller, and when the seller applies for delivery on the platform, the drone is placed on the product to start delivery.

If the GPU temperature rises due to cryptocurrency mining, the cooling device existing inside operates and lowers the GPU temperature. In addition, the GPU inside the drone automatically stops what it was doing and proceeds with the original transportation work.

In addition, it is believed that building a framework using blockchain with CMDS characteristics will ensure safety and help manage air traffic and operate aviation authorities, such as identity management, collision management between drones and other third-party unmanned aerial systems

A market problem

Currently, there are many other problems with various air traffic systems, including unmanned aerial vehicles, especially safe aviation management and data operation in airports and crowded high-risk areas, rather than the technology of drones themselves. As a result, the problem of drone crashes is being raised.


To solve the problems described above, it is thought that the above problems will be solved if a framework based on the blockchain of CMDS is established.

In addition, a black box dedicated to unmanned aerial vehicles, which will be developed soon, is expected to solve the problem of the above collision.

The value of CMDS

We pioneered and approached cryptocurrency mining using drones, and even developed a cryptocurrency mining system using commercial artificial intelligence drones, not just drones.

At the same time as mining cryptocurrency, it will achieve the highest quality delivery (transport) service. It will own an independent CMDS blockchain network service, and various regulations related to drones can also be effectively applied using such blockchain technology. In addition, the blockchain protects the drone's activity record, so that our drone can be operated in a way that users can trust.

Token Allocation

Token Information

Token Name
Commercial Drones Coin
Token Symbol
Token Platform
Token Cap


Token Allocation

1,000,000,000 CMDS
Team & Partner
500,000,000 CMDS
Internal holding
250,000,000 CMDS
1,000,000,000 CMDS
R & D
250,000,000 CMDS
Total issuance
3,000,000,000 CMDS


  • 2022.2Q

    Project team composition

    Producing the project website and WHITE PAPER

    issuance of CMDS (Scheduled)

  • 2022. 3Q

    CMDS platform design complemented (Scheduled)

    CMDS platform development in progress

  • 2022. 4Q

    CMDS platform development complement (Scheduled)

  • 2023. 1Q

    Completed construction CMDS platform ecosystem (Scheduled)